Volume 3 | Issue 1

First Term 2020

















Psalm 82:6

“…You are all children of the MOST HIGH.”



















“…let God transform you into a new person, by changing the way you think. Then you you will learn to know God’s will for you…”





Hello BMC Family

We are celebrating a new season at BMC and we pray it will continue to be a time of blessings upon your family. We pray that 2020 is a year of abundance in God's word and favour and success for the family

We are the Youth, your future. We are the church today…

The different youth teams would like to say hello and thank you for the support we’ll be receiving from this beautiful family.

Who we are:

There are 5 main Areas in our Youth.

There are the Smartie Kids which are the babies and toddlers till the age of 3 whom we would love to include as much as possible and our “littlies” who are up to the age of 5/6 (Gr 0/R)

The babies and toddlers are in the crèche building and the littlies in the kiddies classrooms

W.A.V. E (With a Vision Eternal) our Junior section, these are our champions form the age of 6/7 (Gr1) right up to the age of 12/13 (gr6/7)

You will find these amazing children in the main church hall

The H.U.B (Hear, Understand and Believe) these are our phenomenal teens who have the most incredible potential as future leaders in our church. Their ages are 13 (Gr 7/8) till 18 (Gr12)

These marvelous, mysterious beings are found up by the youth hall

G.L.O (Grace Lived Out) is our Friday Youth Social time where our Teens can meet fellow peers in good clean time of fun in a safe environment

The A.R.M.Y (Anointed Reigning Mighty Youth) which are our life and support groups for the teens and young adults of our family. where Bible Studies, fellowship and supporting each other are key! Check out or events and find the time that suites you best.

Youth Aims

What we would love to achieve:

We would love more volunteers to help mould these children into phenomenal church leaders today and in days to come. This could be through time, (being a leader or chaperone at events), donations (of money or goods needed)

We hope to achieve this by having Family orientated functions and devotionals in the future and marvelous courses/ activities running for our youth. Teaching the youth that being at their spiritual home is a blessing.

We would love the youth to grow in the strength of God and become a powerful force for God in the world

This is what we are up to right now with our EVENTS

Team Members. Who they are:

Annelie helps out with our councelling needs

Jenny leads our 7:45 Sunday School Session

Shaun helps in the H.U.B

Darren helps with H.U.B worship

Yolande is part of W.A.V.E

Senzi helps with H.U.B worship and leading

Kyara helps with H.U.B worship and leading

Tamar helps with H.U.B worship and Smarties Leading

Zanele leads our 11:30 Sunday School Session

Ross leads our Youth Bible Study and Youth Alpha and Youth Circiut Rep for BMC

Frances is the co-ordinator for the youth and children and Youth Circuit Rep for BMC


So? ...whats happening here you ask:


* Friday night fellowship is back! Keep an eye out for adverts for our dates

* Sunday Session for 7:45am

* Sunday Session for 9:30am

* Sunday Session for 11:30am

* Holiday Club in July holidays

* Youth Alpha from the month of July

* Confirmation courses starting in February

* Family outings

* much much more!!!